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Perhaps it is your next door neighbor, your co-worker, or your best friend. Perhaps it is your gardener, your accountant or your governor. No matter the profession, income, or status in every walk of life you can find them: the HIGHLY UNSUCCESSFUL. 

These are people who not only make mistakes but seem to have cosmically bad luck, incessantly hurtling headlong towards a downfall brought on by their own doomed attributes. 


Our aim is to shine a light on these unique individuals. From hundreds of candidates we curate the very finest of the highly unsuccessful and present them and their breakdowns in their full, unfiltered gracelessness. 

Within every episode you will find a different flavor of the unsuccessful, varying in skill, setting and style. Each episode attempts to delve into the very core of the subject's unsuccessful characteristics.









As he watches his industry pass him by, accomplished radio DJ "Roger Dodger" desperately holds onto his exaggerated persona and angrily reminisces about how much better things were in the old days. 

As he nears his 6000th episode, he wrestles with an overbearing management, brainless young DJs and his co-host Benny, who can't help but drive Roger insane. But with the self-help system of cards called "Inner Optics" that Roger used in the 1980s, he's sure he can make it through.  




As game master of the live action role-playing game Overlord, Terry is swamped with responsibilities. As he prepares for the return of his game after a split with his co-creator, the pressure mounts and Terry becomes frantically determined to keep everything under his control. 

Terry gets indignant when players don't take the game seriously enough, and his obsessive strictness to the rules threatens to stifle everyone's fun. But Terry has surprises planned, including appearing as the Overlord himself, that he knows will ensure the game is a memorable one. 


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Unsuccessful Productions is: Chris Nelson, Glenn Nelson and Andrew Paul. We are a collective of artists based out of Edmonton, Alberta Canada, committed to delivering the best in highly unsuccessful entertainment. 



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We are constantly seeking new ways to present the highly unsuccessful to the world. Explore this website and you will find videos, photos, synopses for episodes and bios for the cast and crew, as well as extensive information on some of the elements featured in the full product. 


We are always looking to improve on our services and our content. If you have any comments or suggestions to help us in that endeavour, send us an email at unsuccessfulproductions@gmail.com




Our aim is to make the highly unsuccessful accessible to as many people as possible. You can find us on Facebook, Instragram, Youtube and Vimeo. Please visit those pages and leave us a like and a comment! We appreciate every unsuccessful supporter. 


Tales of the Highly Unsuccessful is painfully sad and painfully funny. I laughed and I cried at all the wrong things.
— Slappy