"Inner Optics" was a self-help program created in 1985 by Dr. Delvin Erberbacher, intended to encourage people to monitor and modify their mood throughout the day. The program was sold in a package on late night infomercials which starred Delvin himself promising "A whole new spectrum of well-being".  The package consisted of six color-coordinated boxes of cards, a day planner and 3 instructional VHS tapes. On the cards were phrases that were intended to shift the reader's mood in a way could be helpful, and which they could carry in their pocket to read throughout the day.  The infomercial used taglines such as "The right color. The right card. The right time.", and "It shows you where the hurt is." Very few were ever sold. 

Roger caught the infomercial on television late one sad night in 1986 and became convinced it could work for him. Surprisingly it did, and Roger was able to get out of a dark place in his life. Eventually Roger put Inner Optics away, feeling that it had done it's job and he was ready to live life without it. Now, decades later, Roger is once again facing challenging times. It may be time for him to reach out to Inner Optics once again. 

Below are excerpts from the "Inner Optics" instructional guide:


Step Back and See Your Inner Triangle


- Everyone has an inner triangle


- Out of the points of the triangle come the three main human emotional states, Joy, Hate, and Spiritual


- The three emotions correspond to the three Main Color Cards, Red Blue and Green


- The card system teaches you to recognize your emotional state, then gives you the power to change them


- Change your emotional state by using the Transitional Color Cards, Yellow Orange and Violet


- If you take those feelings that come out of the triangle, and put them back in the triangle, you can transform them and they will come out a different point of the triangle, changing their color


- The program is meant to be flexible, it changes from day to day just like you do.


- The cards are meant to be taken out into the world, and many cards will attempt to get you to be active in the world


- Sometimes a Color Card will tell you to transition to or move away from other Color Cards.


- Do not be afraid of the “Hate” cards, it is just as important of an emotion as Joy


- The program is not meant to simply improve one's self esteem, that is part of it, but it is also meant to challenge, enlighten, inflame, excite, move, transform, and enrich your life. It is meant to bring out the beauty of day to day life, and to see that all things in the world have an energy, it all depends on changing your perspective.