Roger has been the host of the radio program "The Happy Time Show" for over 35 years. In that time he became well known for his energy and his recognizable voice, as well as his several on air screw ups. He spearheaded segments for the show such as "Rescue Roger" which consisted of him being trapped in a room made of beer cases until the public drank him free, "Frosts My Pumpkins" which was Roger's platform to vent his various complaints and concerns with modern society, and his "Joke of the Day" segment, which only lasted 3 weeks until Roger made an inappropriate joke which caused management to step in and cancel the segment. 

"The Happy Time Show" started in the 1970's as a drive home show that covered traffic, weather, sports and local news. Roger personally tried to live up to the "happy" in the title, injecting as many humor and entertainment related segments into the show as the management would allow. He also read all the commercials on air in those days, and he took pride in that. More recently Roger has seen his speaking time on the show diminished mostly to introductions and segues, passing off to anchors from other parts of the country and digital commercials. Most of his time is spent off air with his co-host Benny, who hosts a segment on the show called "'Round Town with Benny Round" where he interviews local guests. Roger would be all for the segment except that Benny has no sense of radio and can't help but drive Roger crazy. As Roger's industry starts to leave him behind, he will have to adapt or face the consequences.